architectural practice
We address the world through compositional work that rethinks various typologies of architecture and accomplishes profundity by establishing a strong bond between the urban context, the user and the architectural product whose utter value lies in the collective intelligence behind its ultimate form.

From conception to execution, all architectural decisions are carefully scrutinized to meet the contextual challenges and the users’ beyond-anticipations in exceptional spatial experiences. Through which, we have made our early steps in healthcare spaces’ design adventure...
healthcare architecture
SLASH Health is the fruit of an expertise acquired upon designing a number of outstanding healthcare projects. The new dynamism we brought to this niche granted the practice remarkable attention. Ever since, the healthcare design department has officially taken part of the architectural office. This wondrous adventure is in fact behind the launching of the healthcare furniture brand.
upscale healthcare furniture
Our ambition to re-design the entire healthcare sector has driven us to design, produce and test countless products destined to the healthcare practices before revealing a collection of upscale healthcare furniture pieces! Our holistic view to our work continues to accompany healthcare professionals all around the world in their first steps towards the clinics of their dreams. Our solid architectural legacy, furniture design expertise and priceless handcraftsmanship combine into an iconic collection of products that will revolutionize your practice of medicine!
She completed her bachelor degree in Architecture at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul. She then started her graduate studies at the same university in Computer Aided Design and pursued her research in Parametric Design at École Spéciale d’ Architecture in Paris. Lead Designer of Slash, Şule is behind the first lines of every product. She pours her inspiration from natural geometries and solidifies them with her architectural knowledge, ending up in iconic, emblematic pieces.
He completed his bachelor degree in Architecture at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul and specialized in the construction scope over the years. He is behind some of the most fascinating and complex architectural executions. With his wide expertise, he leads the production phase of Slash, enriching it with his valuable inputs. Ömer is keen on problem-solving and is always behind finding smarter alternatives that are primarily harmless to nature.
Their solid friendship dates back to university where they shared a common vision on the type of work they aspire to conduct in the future. Their mutual interest in re-designing the healthcare spaces joined them back years later first by bringing to life exquisite, award-winning projects and further in time co-founding SLASH | upscale healthcare furniture. With their multidisciplinary team, Şule and Ömer seek to re-invent the healthcare experience all around the world with a young, dynamic and holistic approach!
Are you ready to discover the future of healthcare ?

From our Design Office ...

Being in direct contact with thousands of materials in our practice, we have developed a sixth sense when we are to select one.

Beyond its physical appearance and performance, a material for us goes beyond that to its immaterial value.

We firmly oppose the usage of explicitly harmful substances and environmentally-unfriendly materials or techniques.

In fact, our formula is simple; Is the touch mesmerizing? Is the look elegant? Is the performance durable? Is it harmless to nature? If it is a yes to all, it is definitely ours to use and experiment!

We see beauty everywhere, and we are sure you do too.

... to our atelier

As we pour heart and soul in the design, we also prioritize handcraftsmanship in our supply chain to assure a more distinguished final product made with care and diligence.

Using technological tools is a main part of our design process, favoring the human contact with the physical product is what completes our balance. Working with artisans at various levels is our biggest strength into confectioning almost unique, statement pieces. We feel it is not only a necessity but also a responsibility to keep the human element in the production process alive and active at all levels.

The SLASH products are made by humans for humans.