" Prior to my first clinic, I had one requirement in mind; my furniture has to be vibrant like the rest of my clinic should be. When I discovered Slash, I instantly knew I found the right brand. I worked with their architectural department and purchased my furniture from them. When they talk about holistic design and the symbiosis, it speaks to me and that's exactly how I wanted my space to be, I just didn't have the word for it. Now years later, and I still get a lot of praise for my space, but not only. My patients also ask me about my clinic's cabinetry a lot as they have seen no such designs elsewhere. The decision to work with Slash was and still one of the best I offered my investment. For anyone trying to build an identity for their clinic, I totally recommend Slash! "
- Dr. Hazar Yaldız, Cihangir Dental Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey -
" The Slash reception desk makes our reception more like a luxurious hotel lobby. This is the comment we get the most. I personally think so too myself. We had the great idea to equip my operatories each with a different cabinet and no we amuse our patients by having them treated every time in a different one as much as possible. My colleagues and I unanimously think that this change of spirit in each operatory uplifts our moods as well! We had this idea on our offered 1-hour style consultancy -which helped us get to know what like basically and say it out loud- that we really recommend. Now planning our second clinic, we have zero stress as we know who we're going to! Thanks Slash, truly. "
- Dr. Onur Utku Yüksel, Soho Dental Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey  -
" Being myself a dynamic person, I have always had a hard time finding people that cope with my rhythm, until I met Slash. Everything about this brand represents me, my work philosophy and the image I want my practice to have. It started with the interior design of my clinic, through which I had discovered their furniture brand. I really think it couldn't get any better, all the pieces fell in place like a jigsaw puzzle! My cabinets are more like art pieces and they get a lot of attention. I have a special admiration for their meeting points that completely changed the dynamic of my rituals. I have ever since recommended it to many of my colleagues that fell head of heels for it as well. If you have a small clinic, make sure to get your meeting points they will change  the whole experience for you and your patients! "
- Dr. Kıvanç Türkoğlu, Clinic29, Istanbul, Turkey  -
Elevate your practice into a timeless space with Slash. Make your first steps towards the future of healthcare.
New-age designs often emanate fluidity, softness and a lot of cohesiveness! We love to embrace a fully fluid environment, and we do that with our furniture too!